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Steam ferry Stralsund

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110 years steam ferry Stralsund

On 20 th October 1890 the steam ferry Stralsund which was built at the Schichau- shipyard started working for the Royal Prussian Railway Machine Department. The first route of the ferry was between Stralsund and Altefähr on the Isle of Rügen. Later the ferry Stralsund belonged to the railway management. Stettin and ran between Swinemünde and the Island Wollin. The ferry was also used as an icebreaker. When the Island Oie became a test station for Peenemünde the ferry transported weapons for tests to this island.

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Steam ferry

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At the end of World War II the bridges to the Isle of Usedom were blown up by German troops and the ferry should be sunk. The former captain Rudolf Kleiner and his engineer prevented the boats destruction under the risk of their lives. After the war the boat worked for the Soviet Military Administration, its port was Peenemünde. 1949 the sidings at both sides of the river were rebuilt and the transport of persons and goods started again. Since 1986 the railway ferry has put on preservation order.

The political changes of the year 1990 also influenced the work of the ferry. Goods were transported by lorries and the German Railway decided to stop the ferries period of service. On 13 th December the service stopped and since then the town Wolgast has been its owner. The ferry was extended to a museum by several firms and can be visited as a technical monument in our museum port. You are welcome to visit the oldest steam ferry of Europe- 110 years old technology is shown and generations worked on it and wrote its history.